The architectural firm Signorini Associates was founded in 1987 by architects Giovanna Signorini,  
Francesco Signorini  and Filippo Signorini. Signorini Associates conducts architectural design for public  
and private clients in national and international level in the fields of 'urban design, architecture,  
construction, restoration, renovation, design and furniture. The firm, through continuous interdisciplinary  
exchanges and making use of both internal and external consultants in the 'broad range of  
specializations, provides many design services "turnkey" including: concept and preliminary layouts,  
feasibility studies, preliminary design, final and executive, construction management, art direction,  
support and supervision of the construction site. The project team is structured into divisions with the  
participation of architects and designers of industry experts (architectural, ecological and environmental  
quality, structural, systems, security, organization of construction, specifications and cost estimates,  
financial analysis and direction of the work). Target areas are areas of urban transformation and urban  
furniture, hotel complexes tourist receptive to international resort, spa and fitness centers, building  
complexes for residence, office and commercial, single-family houses, schools, veterinary hospitals,  
nursing homes for the elderly, for buildings worship and culture, furniture and interior design; Particular  
attention is given to the design of green buildings and low environmental impact. Signorini Associates  
participates in competitions and national and international competitions; has received awards and  
recognition, the work has been published in numerous magazines.